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Option One: Register Online

You can create an account to use online resources right now. All you need to do is click on the Register For An Account link and fill in the required information. Don't worry, this data is not stored anywhere. The system will verify your eligibilty against DEERS and create a new account for you. You can then start using us right away. If you have questions about whether you are eligible to use this site, go here.


Option Two: Register at a Library

You can visit one of our 62 locations and create a library account. This will not only allow you to use all our online resources, but also upgrade you to allow for access to books, movies, video games, and much more! A list of all our locations is available here. Please note that once you are registered at one of our locations, you are registered at all of them. This means your history, wish lists, etc. can travel with you throughout your time with us. 


Getting Started

Once you are registered, check out our App Store to find out how to take our great databases with you. And don't forget to check out the full list of all our online resources to take advantage of everything is available to you.